Bengal kittens

Breed color characteristic
The most valuable thing for Bengals is their color. The Bengal cat has gold spots with leopard-like spots; silver, similar to snow leopards; snow - white with a gentle pattern…

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General description of Bengal
When working on the breed, the main emphasis was placed on the similarity of bengals with their wild ancestors, but friendly and gentle, like domestic cats. Therefore, any description of…

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The Origin of Bengal Cats: A Complicated History of Domestic Mini Leopards
Its name, as well as genes, the modern elite breed of Bengal domestic cats is obliged to the wild leopard Asian cat Prionailurus (Felis) bengalensis from the subfamily of small…

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Bengal cat breeding: how to get healthy offspring

If the owner of a Bengal cat is not a professional breeder, but plans to have offspring from his cat, it is worth collecting information about the mating in advance. The period of estrus and the subsequent “marriage” of a cat is a difficult and exciting period of their life, but while she is still a kitten, many people don’t think about such a process as mating Bengal cats. A few months of infancy, the minutes are fast, and the moment will come when problems arise, requiring an immediate solution. It is wise to be prepared for them and to cope wisely.

Bengal cat mating

Basic Information on Bengal Cat Mating Readiness
Bengal females do not belong to those that mature early – a cat is considered sexually mature only at the end of the first year of life, although estrus can occur earlier. Cats are ready to continue the genera somewhat earlier than this period – in the 7-9th month the young male for the first time shows an unequivocal interest in the weaker sex. The specific first term, as well as the age of mating during life, depends on the condition of the animal, its individual characteristics. Continue reading

Basic information on fertilization features leading to problems

As established by veterinary medicine, the stage of the reproductive cycle of a cat (estrus) occurs in a special way. The time of ovulation, that is, the exit of an egg in search of a sperm into the abdominal cavity, occurs in cats after, and not before mating. Not all eggs mature at the same time, and 12-48 hours remain capable of fertilization. In this case, the sperm inside the body of the female can be viable for 4-5 days. Therefore, embryos in the womb can develop with some lag one from another – the duration of gestation, therefore, can fluctuate. Moreover, if a cat walks uncontrollably, then already being pregnant, she can conceive again (scientific definition of superfetatio, additional fertilization, superfetation). There are cases when a low level of progesterone provokes estrus in an already pregnant cat. As a result, a new sexual activity will be provoked between the third and sixth weeks. An additional pregnancy is not excluded if the groom is nearby. Then problems cannot be avoided – either one of the litters will die, or the cat will give birth again after several weeks of full-term second kittens. It will be difficult for such a mother to feed and raise many children on her own. So it is better to monitor the pet during the period when she is pregnant. Continue reading

Pregnancy in a Bengal cat: timing and how it proceeds

Bengal cats that have a wild appearance, are unusually beautiful, resembling leopards, or snow leopards, or even panthers – one of the most elite breeds. Breeding healthy, large, contrast-colored bengals is a serious matter, requiring knowledge about the course of pregnancy from the moment of successful mating to the birth of kittens. Pregnancy of a Bengal cat is a special period not only for her, but also for her owner. While the pet is walking pregnant, the owner’s trouble will definitely increase. If this happens for the first time, you should know in advance how much the cat walks with kittens in the womb, how to feed the pregnant woman, how many kittens gives birth and other nuances.

Pregnancy in Bengal cats

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What are the harnesses and collars

Collars are purchased for various purposes – medical and prophylactic and for walking, decorative for aesthetic purposes, and informational – so that the lost animal is back at home. Now for walking, special harnesses are issued.

Walking harnesses are special-purpose leashes that are preferable to a collar because of their safety for the animal. The cat’s neck will not slip out of such a leash, and the danger of catching on something is leveled. A variety of designs distribute the load and do not press on the throat of the pet. Walking harnesses are:

– V-shaped, when the connecting strap of the loops falls on the chest of the cat;

– H-shaped, in which the strap falls on the back;

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Raising Bengal kittens

It will be right if the upbringing begins on the first day of the stay of the Bengal kitten in his new home. Usually this is a baby at the age of 4 months. The nature of bengals is such that it is necessary to pay attention to habitualization and close socialization. It is necessary to spend as much time with the pet as possible: pick it up, stroke it – that is, ensure regular tactile contact. You can invite friends to meet you, be sure to take your four-legged friend out for a walk – the kitten should get used to both people and other animals. A person who prefers domestic cats walking “on their own”, a breed like Bengal, it is better not to choose. The factor that cats and cats are socially active, like free movement, must be seriously considered, otherwise the animal will necessarily “run wild”, will be underlined as unsociable.

Raising Bengal kittens

Conditions of detention: how to equip a comfortable stay of a Bengal cat in the house
Household items that Bengal cats really need include: Continue reading

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