Bengal colors
 Despite the generally accepted belief that bengal is a miniature copy of a leopard, the colors of Bengal cats are quite diverse. Consider the main ones. The classic version of…

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About the prevention of diseasesin Bengal cats
Reasonable prevention is always easier and cheaper compared to treatment, not to mention the suffering of the pet. In addition to mandatory vaccinations, a Bengal cat needs to be given…

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General description of Bengal
When working on the breed, the main emphasis was placed on the similarity of bengals with their wild ancestors, but friendly and gentle, like domestic cats. Therefore, any description of…

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What are the harnesses and collars

Collars are purchased for various purposes – medical and prophylactic and for walking, decorative for aesthetic purposes, and informational – so that the lost animal is back at home. Now for walking, special harnesses are issued.

Walking harnesses are special-purpose leashes that are preferable to a collar because of their safety for the animal. The cat’s neck will not slip out of such a leash, and the danger of catching on something is leveled. A variety of designs distribute the load and do not press on the throat of the pet. Walking harnesses are:

– V-shaped, when the connecting strap of the loops falls on the chest of the cat;

– H-shaped, in which the strap falls on the back;

– in the form of two loops connected by a figure eight;

– in the form of a waistcoat – such designs can also protect the cat’s fur coat from dust, precipitation and dirt.

Owners can pick up soft leather, lightweight cotton, durable practical nylon harnesses.

Choose a collar
The assortment of cat collars is even more diverse. They can be equipped for safety with either stretch inserts made of elastic materials, or special fasteners that work at high loads and prevent the strangulation of an animal hanging on a fence or branch. By designation, these cat accessories are produced:

– for the prevention of flea infection, ticks on the skin – these are impregnated with chemical compounds by manufacturers and can either destroy insects or act on larva eggs, interrupting their life cycle;

– for the purpose of identifying a lost animal (targeted products with a medallion or information recorded on the strip itself);

– for independent return home from a walk – the built-in magnet opens the manhole door;

– to give the animal a glamorous or shocking appearance – such collars satisfy the ambitions of the owners, but the cat itself is not needed.

Bengal cat on a sunbed

Chips are now widely used, which are usually implanted under the skin of a cat or attached to the ear. Sound, reflective, calming animals and even GPS collars are released that allow the owner to monitor the movement of the pet.

The breed of domestic cats and cats with wild leopard color combines predatory grace with a livable, albeit independent character. With proper care, decent maintenance, and attentive attitude, a Bengal cat will delight the owners for a long time with its appearance, good temper, decent manners of a well-bred pet.

Like all thoroughbred cats, Bengalis are divided into classes. The higher the class of the animal, the more expensive it is. If you buy a kitten in a trusted cattery,…


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