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Pregnancy in a Bengal cat: timing and how it proceeds

Bengal cats that have a wild appearance, are unusually beautiful, resembling leopards, or snow leopards, or even panthers – one of the most elite breeds. Breeding healthy, large, contrast-colored bengals is a serious matter, requiring knowledge about the course of pregnancy from the moment of successful mating to the birth of kittens. Pregnancy of a Bengal cat is a special period not only for her, but also for her owner. While the pet is walking pregnant, the owner’s trouble will definitely increase. If this happens for the first time, you should know in advance how much the cat walks with kittens in the womb, how to feed the pregnant woman, how many kittens gives birth and other nuances.

Pregnancy in Bengal cats

Bengal Pregnancy Overview
After the mating season, which in this breed lasts from five to eight or nine days (cats successfully become pregnant, according to statistics, 90 percent of the total number of mating), the time for gestation begins. Description of how the appearance of the cat changes over the weeks in pictures is offered by special blogs.

Is the cat pregnant or does it seem to her?
After love pleasures, fertilization can occur, but it may turn out to be a false pregnancy. One of the causes of the phenomenon is sterile sexual intercourse. In this case, a false, like a real pregnancy, is accompanied by the same initial symptoms. The estrus stops (the indicator is rather indirect), the behavior changes:

– the animal loses its appetite, which soon recovers with double strength;

– the cat becomes cautious, usually moves less, lies more calmly;

– slightly, but still the mammary glands swell.

After a period of imaginary pregnancy, the female prepares for childbirth, worries about the “nest”. It does not make sense to dissuade the animal – you must let it all the preparations. Usually after a week the failed mother calms down, the symptoms disappear by themselves.

Even before an enlarged abdomen is visualized, the pregnancy of a Bengal cat can be diagnosed not only by the symptoms listed in the previous section. Moreover, you should not rely only on the changed behavior or psychological state of the future mother. When diagnosed with pregnancy, all these are secondary symptoms. For example, very young “ladies” can continue to frolic, being in an “interesting” position. Veterinary science has more accurate evidence indicating that fertilization has occurred. The clinic specialist relies on external examination (palpation), laboratory tests, ultrasound.

Palpation of the peritoneum
Feeling can be carried out not only by the veterinarian, but also by the owner of the cat. For convenience, put the pet on the table, calm, scratching behind the ear or stroking. Then, putting palms on both sides of the spinal column, you need to carefully and slowly bring them together under the lower back. Having knowledge, some experience, as well as good tactile sensitivity, it is possible 3-4 weeks after mating to find a nut-sized formation next to ampoules of the uterine horns. In the later stages, embryos are also palpated, and even later, you can feel the movement of the fruits inside the abdomen.

Analyzes and ultrasound
A blood test, as well as a bengalan urine, is performed in the laboratories of veterinary clinics. The birth of a new life, the subsequent development in the womb – those processes that cause strong changes in the body. They are recorded by an analysis of the physicochemical parameters of biological fluids in cats.

The ultrasound method is based on fixation of the fetal heartbeat by the apparatus, direct visualization of kittens inside the uterus. At the site of study, the cat’s hairline is cut for ease of movement of the scanner.

In bengals with fair skin in the area of ​​the mammary glands, pigmentation spots of pregnancy can be observed. This is due to the large number of placental hormones wandering around the blood. After an increase in volume, a visible change in the configuration of the abdomen, the milk packets swell so much that with light pressure, a whitish liquid protrudes from the pink nipples – colostrum.

In the later stages, the female, experiencing the pressure of an enlarging uterus on the bladder, often visits the toilet.

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Pregnancy in a Bengal cat: timing and how it proceeds
Bengal cats that have a wild appearance, are unusually beautiful, resembling leopards, or snow leopards, or even panthers - one of the most elite breeds. Breeding healthy, large, contrast-colored bengals…


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