Water treatments for a bengal cat
Bengalis do not belong to the breed, confirming the saying "afraid as a cat of water." If desired, the animals themselves play with water in the bathroom, do not refuse…

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The Origin of Bengal Cats: A Complicated History of Domestic Mini Leopards
Its name, as well as genes, the modern elite breed of Bengal domestic cats is obliged to the wild leopard Asian cat Prionailurus (Felis) bengalensis from the subfamily of small…

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WCF Bengal Standard
GENERAL FEATURE Domestic cat, which has the characteristic appearance of small forest cats, but with a delicate, balanced character of domestic cats. By physique, bengals look like wild. Medium to…

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Basic information on the prevention of allergies in Bengal cats in humans

If the human body reacted too coexistently to coexistence in the same space with the animal, then there is only one effective way to get rid of any manifestations of allergies forever. It is necessary to consult an allergist, undergo examination, and according to its results take ASIT – specific immunotherapy. The course consists of injections (this is the shortest description), eliminating troubles after talking with all animals in general, including Bengal cats.

Enhanced hygiene
In a house where a Bengal cat already lives, giving any of the household allergic reactions to it, it is necessary to take the following preventive measures as a rule:

– wash the cat with a special shampoo to prevent allergies in the owners;

– daily wipe dust with a damp cloth from all surfaces, often wash floors with a special tool;

– remove all carpets from the rooms – dandruff accumulates in fur and fabric textures;

– to clean the upholstery of the furniture with a foaming agent, more often to wash the curtains and the bed of a cat or cat;

– empty the cat tray filler in a medical mask and gloves (the best solution is to accustom your pet to the toilet);

– Do not allow the cat to enter the bedroom in order to at least take a break from exposure to the stimulus at night.

It is also recommended to show the animal more often to the veterinarian – cats suffering from some diseases produce more Fel D1 protein.

Prevention is simple, but helps to almost completely suppress allergic reactions if they are not too aggressive.

In cases where the body is furious about the contact violently, there are two ways out – either go through ASIT, or look for the pet of another owner.

Interestingly, some manage to “reconcile” their immune system with a four-legged friend in a natural way. Taking a kitten, a person receives “injections” from him through minor scratches. When small portions of the allergen penetrate the skin quite often, the body can develop resistance to feline protein without immunotherapy.

Are Bengalis Hypoallergenic

As conclusions
Firstly, it’s very clear whether there is an allergy to Bengal cats – yes, it does. These pets are as dangerous for allergy sufferers as other breeds. Therefore, before you start an elite tail, you need to talk with representatives of this species. At the same time, the protein quality of your particular kitten may turn out to be different due to genetic characteristics – an allergy can still occur.

Secondly, a person can cope with the indignation of his body with the help of medicine, as well as observing special rules and resorting to enhanced hygiene. By the way, we must not forget that cats themselves are allergic, especially this breed is allergic to medications.

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