Hereditary blindness in bengal cats
Genetic blindness is a disease that is common in many mammals. Some of its forms are considered congenital and appear immediately, while others develop with age. Gradually progressive blindness affects…

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Bengal colors
 Despite the generally accepted belief that bengal is a miniature copy of a leopard, the colors of Bengal cats are quite diverse. Consider the main ones. The classic version of…

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Like all thoroughbred cats, Bengalis are divided into classes. The higher the class of the animal, the more expensive it is. If you buy a kitten in a trusted cattery,…

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Weight and size standards for adult Bengal cats and cats

Domestic bengals in adulthood have an impressive size: males of the breed can reach 8 kg, and females – 6 kg. The height of a large animal at the withers is 40 cm, and the total body length with a tail is approximately 90 cm. The elongated body with amazing flexibility makes the representatives of the Bengal breed graceful, which is one of the differences from other purebred feline pets.

Naturally, females differ in appearance and physical characteristics from males. The difference in weight, and, accordingly, in other parameters, is immediately noticeable. A junior cat who has reached puberty, which is 8-9 months, is almost twice as large as a cat. Paws and tail are more powerful.

Given the goal – the creation of a pet having external and physical data of small animals living in the natural environment, special standards for the breed were developed. The jury of exhibitions, championships and competitions takes into account, in particular, how athletically the animal is folded, how it holds its thick tail, the length of which should be average, what are the sizes of the nose, ears and especially convex pillows under this mustache under the mustache.

Possible Assumptions
Some felinological associations consider the following physical deviations from the ideal representative of the Bengal breed insignificant:

– smaller cat size while maintaining overall harmonious proportions (this assumption does not apply to cats);

– slightly larger cheeks than stipulated by a strict standard for a cat;

– the shape of the eyes, which are supposed to be almost round, is visualized as slightly almond-shaped;

– The difference between the long front and rear legs of the animal is not too noticeable.

These shortcomings may not affect the decision to award a victory to a cat or a cat, if all the other main parameters are ideal.

Size and weight of Bengal cats

About the main causes of weight loss by adult Bengal cats
Not only felinologists, breeders, but also ordinary cat lovers have probably heard about the delicate gastrointestinal tract of Bengal cats. Gradual or sharp weight loss can result in:

– change in diet – either the bengal did not like the new food, or it caused rejection in his body;

– the animal has parasites – it is mandatory to carry out prophylaxis against infection with worms;

– the process was the result of any serious illness – to find out, you need an examination by a veterinarian.

The large sizes of Bengal cats (although they are not the largest representatives of pets) are laid down by nature itself. Weight and height depend, as in humans, on the parents of a particular individual, as well as on the quality of the content of the animal. In order for the four-legged pet to meet all standards, it is necessary to verify the authenticity of its pedigree at the stage of choosing a kitten in the nursery.

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