The character of cats and cats of Bengal domestic breed
In addition to the fact that domestic leopard pets and their subspecies - Bengal marble cats are extremely mobile, there are a number of characteristic instinctive features of their nature:…

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All about feeding Bengal cats: right and balanced
If, in general, caring for Bengal cats is not difficult, does not cause much trouble, then feeding is not easy. The point here is in the sensitive, gentle gastrointestinal tract…

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Bengal cat
A Bengal cat looks like a traditional ordinary cat just as tigers, panthers and jaguars look like. It’s just that a quiet house pussy and, say, a leopard have a…

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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Basic information on the prevention of allergies in Bengal cats in humans

If the human body reacted too coexistently to coexistence in the same space with the animal, then there is only one effective way to get rid of any manifestations of allergies forever. It is necessary to consult an allergist, undergo examination, and according to its results take ASIT – specific immunotherapy. The course consists of injections (this is the shortest description), eliminating troubles after talking with all animals in general, including Bengal cats.

Enhanced hygiene
In a house where a Bengal cat already lives, giving any of the household allergic reactions to it, it is necessary to take the following preventive measures as a rule:

– wash the cat with a special shampoo to prevent allergies in the owners;

– daily wipe dust with a damp cloth from all surfaces, often wash floors with a special tool; Continue reading


The Bengal cat breed is becoming increasingly popular. This means that sellers of kittens are becoming more and more, and you can already get a pet on the Internet without much hassle. And if you want to save money – even with your hands. However, those who know the information or have experience buying animals understand that it is better to go to the kennel for a thoroughbred cat than to dubious sellers who blindly pursue fashion.

Nurseries are breeders who have proven and selected manufacturers: males and females. Such institutions are necessarily registered in felinological systems and clubs. Only a kennel with such registration can guarantee that breed standards are strictly adhered to, and kitten buyers receive 100% Bengalis.

An important advantage of nurseries is that they make sure that the kittens are genetically healthy. Like all breeding breeds, the Bengal cat breed is susceptible to a number of genetic diseases. Therefore, it is important that manufacturers are tested for hereditary diseases. Continue reading

Features of allergenicity of representatives of the Bengal breed

Despite the established fact that the animal’s hair itself is not perceived with hostility by an allergic person, it is she who transfers the Fel D1 protein. The hairs of cats of Bengal breed are short, but density is more important, that is, the amount of hair, and in Bengals it is thick. The advantage is given to those individuals who do not have an undercoat, as it does not exist in a wild mini-leopard. True, as a result of crossbreeding, most of the descendants of Asian forest cats acquired a dense undercoat – a huge amount of allergen particles is concentrated in it.

The second advantage of Bengal cats is very moult. This significantly reduces the likelihood of developing severe allergies, because in the environment there are not too many proteins that cause trouble.

It is believed that animals with light-colored coat synthesize allergen less, but statistics on this subject do not exist. But the fact that the characteristics of a particular cat influence a high or weak severity of a negative reaction is a proven fact. Continue reading

About the prevention of diseasesin Bengal cats
Reasonable prevention is always easier and cheaper compared to treatment, not to mention the suffering of the pet. In addition to mandatory vaccinations, a Bengal cat needs to be given…


Interesting facts about Bengal cats
Bengal cat is one of the most expensive breeds in the world. However, their cost is fully justified, since these animals have a unique genetic inheritance, a unique and kind…


Pregnancy in a Bengal cat: timing and how it proceeds
Bengal cats that have a wild appearance, are unusually beautiful, resembling leopards, or snow leopards, or even panthers - one of the most elite breeds. Breeding healthy, large, contrast-colored bengals…


Breed color characteristic
The most valuable thing for Bengals is their color. The Bengal cat has gold spots with leopard-like spots; silver, similar to snow leopards; snow - white with a gentle pattern…