Interesting facts about Bengal cats
Bengal cat is one of the most expensive breeds in the world. However, their cost is fully justified, since these animals have a unique genetic inheritance, a unique and kind…

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WCF Bengal Standard
GENERAL FEATURE Domestic cat, which has the characteristic appearance of small forest cats, but with a delicate, balanced character of domestic cats. By physique, bengals look like wild. Medium to…

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From ALK to Bengal
Bengal breed We owe the creation of a Bengal cat breed to an experienced American breeder, Jane Mill. It began in the 1960s when Jane first tried to cross a…

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Monthly Archives: July 2019

All about feeding Bengal cats: right and balanced

If, in general, caring for Bengal cats is not difficult, does not cause much trouble, then feeding is not easy. The point here is in the sensitive, gentle gastrointestinal tract – such is the genetics of the breed. Bengal cats from wild ancestors inherited a shortened intestine, along with it – a digestive system that is sensitive to changes. It is so easy to disorder that a concept such as “Bengal diarrhea” has appeared. There is no talk of cheap feed from supermarkets at all. Having purchased not one ode a thousand elite animals, it is unreasonable to save on its nutrition (and, therefore, on health). The digestion of bengals does not tolerate not only poor-quality food, but also a change in diet or type of feed. Therefore, the basic feeding strategy must be developed in advance. Continue reading

What is desirable to add to the menu

Even if the cat doesn’t eat straight, it’s useful to give the Bengal cat raw chicken white cartilage from chicken breasts, separating them from the bones. Entirely pre-frozen daily chickens can be offered. It is highly advisable to introduce cooked chicken necks as an additive. The recipe is simple:

– free from skin;

– scroll with a meat grinder (grind to a pasty state);

– Freeze minced paste obtained portionwise.

Such an additive is useful to everyone, but is especially necessary for growing Bengalis, that is, young animals up to two years old.

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About the prevention of diseasesin Bengal cats

Reasonable prevention is always easier and cheaper compared to treatment, not to mention the suffering of the pet. In addition to mandatory vaccinations, a Bengal cat needs to be given complex specific vaccinations against the most common cat infections. It is easy for owners who really love their tails to adhere to the following rules:

– give only high-quality fresh food, whether it is industrial or natural feed; do not experiment too often with dishes unfamiliar to the cat; do not change the diet drastically;

– drink purified water, changing it in a bowl several times a day;

– fight against parasites – once a quarter to carry out deworming, even if the animal is completely domestic, because households can bring fleas from the street;

– monitor the change in the state of the animal – as soon as the pet “suddenly” began to behave differently, eats badly or drinks too much, the condition of the coat worsens – you need to see a veterinarian. Continue reading

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