The history of the Bengal breed.
Jane Mill and a Bengal cat In the early 1960s at the University of California (USA), a study was conducted of the immunity of representatives of the cat family. Among…

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Bengal colors
 Despite the generally accepted belief that bengal is a miniature copy of a leopard, the colors of Bengal cats are quite diverse. Consider the main ones. The classic version of…

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Pearl silver color of bengals
The silver variety of Bengal cats has become the second recognized after the classic brown standard in this young breed of domestic cat. The color silver - silver spotted (code…

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What are the harnesses and collars

Collars are purchased for various purposes – medical and prophylactic and for walking, decorative for aesthetic purposes, and informational – so that the lost animal is back at home. Now for walking, special harnesses are issued.

Walking harnesses are special-purpose leashes that are preferable to a collar because of their safety for the animal. The cat’s neck will not slip out of such a leash, and the danger of catching on something is leveled. A variety of designs distribute the load and do not press on the throat of the pet. Walking harnesses are:

– V-shaped, when the connecting strap of the loops falls on the chest of the cat;

– H-shaped, in which the strap falls on the back;

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About the prevention of diseasesin Bengal cats

Reasonable prevention is always easier and cheaper compared to treatment, not to mention the suffering of the pet. In addition to mandatory vaccinations, a Bengal cat needs to be given complex specific vaccinations against the most common cat infections. It is easy for owners who really love their tails to adhere to the following rules:

– give only high-quality fresh food, whether it is industrial or natural feed; do not experiment too often with dishes unfamiliar to the cat; do not change the diet drastically;

– drink purified water, changing it in a bowl several times a day;

– fight against parasites – once a quarter to carry out deworming, even if the animal is completely domestic, because households can bring fleas from the street;

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The main official colors and drawings of Bengal cats

In informational directories with color photographs where Bengal cats have been registered since 1991, the breed was originally supposed to have the following two color divisions:

– Brown (black) Tabby, or Brown Tabby. Brown (black) patterned; whose main code on the WCF system is ben n24 (ben n24); color includes all shades of golden, yellow, orange with preferred tones in rufism (reddish colors);

– Silver Tabby (codes ns 24, ns 22, respectively) – silver has the main coat of gray-blue, silver shades of the color scheme.

Recently, the TISA organization is registered as the official standard blue color. In addition, there are not yet recognized snow, coal, black bengals.

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Breed color characteristic
The most valuable thing for Bengals is their color. The Bengal cat has gold spots with leopard-like spots; silver, similar to snow leopards; snow - white with a gentle pattern…


Other diseases reported in Bengal cats most often
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Hereditary blindness in bengal cats
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Colors, tabby, hair quality of Bengal cats
Details of all the different colors of bengal wool can be found in special texts, and here is a list of officially recognized in two categories of the pattern -…