Other diseases reported in Bengal cats most often
The list of other ailments recorded in bengals is small, but recently it has been noted that they do not happen so rarely, almost on a par with problems of…

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Pregnancy in a Bengal cat: timing and how it proceeds
Bengal cats that have a wild appearance, are unusually beautiful, resembling leopards, or snow leopards, or even panthers - one of the most elite breeds. Breeding healthy, large, contrast-colored bengals…

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What do bengals need?
    For a Bengal, there must be a high claw point in the house (a game town), they jump very high, they need this to maintain good physical shape. A Bengal…

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domestic Bengal breed

Bengal cat breeding: how to get healthy offspring

If the owner of a Bengal cat is not a professional breeder, but plans to have offspring from his cat, it is worth collecting information about the mating in advance. The period of estrus and the subsequent “marriage” of a cat is a difficult and exciting period of their life, but while she is still a kitten, many people don’t think about such a process as mating Bengal cats. A few months of infancy, the minutes are fast, and the moment will come when problems arise, requiring an immediate solution. It is wise to be prepared for them and to cope wisely.

Bengal cat mating

Basic Information on Bengal Cat Mating Readiness
Bengal females do not belong to those that mature early – a cat is considered sexually mature only at the end of the first year of life, although estrus can occur earlier. Cats are ready to continue the genera somewhat earlier than this period – in the 7-9th month the young male for the first time shows an unequivocal interest in the weaker sex. The specific first term, as well as the age of mating during life, depends on the condition of the animal, its individual characteristics. Continue reading

About the prevention of diseasesin Bengal cats

Reasonable prevention is always easier and cheaper compared to treatment, not to mention the suffering of the pet. In addition to mandatory vaccinations, a Bengal cat needs to be given complex specific vaccinations against the most common cat infections. It is easy for owners who really love their tails to adhere to the following rules:

– give only high-quality fresh food, whether it is industrial or natural feed; do not experiment too often with dishes unfamiliar to the cat; do not change the diet drastically;

– drink purified water, changing it in a bowl several times a day;

– fight against parasites – once a quarter to carry out deworming, even if the animal is completely domestic, because households can bring fleas from the street;

– monitor the change in the state of the animal – as soon as the pet “suddenly” began to behave differently, eats badly or drinks too much, the condition of the coat worsens – you need to see a veterinarian. Continue reading

The main official colors and drawings of Bengal cats

In informational directories with color photographs where Bengal cats have been registered since 1991, the breed was originally supposed to have the following two color divisions:

– Brown (black) Tabby, or Brown Tabby. Brown (black) patterned; whose main code on the WCF system is ben n24 (ben n24); color includes all shades of golden, yellow, orange with preferred tones in rufism (reddish colors);

– Silver Tabby (codes ns 24, ns 22, respectively) – silver has the main coat of gray-blue, silver shades of the color scheme.

Recently, the TISA organization is registered as the official standard blue color. In addition, there are not yet recognized snow, coal, black bengals.

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About the health of Bengal cats
With a problem such as frequent pet diseases, owners of bengals usually do not have to deal with. This is a strong cat breed in almost all respects. However, it…


What is desirable to add to the menu
Even if the cat doesn’t eat straight, it’s useful to give the Bengal cat raw chicken white cartilage from chicken breasts, separating them from the bones. Entirely pre-frozen daily chickens…


What do bengals need?
    For a Bengal, there must be a high claw point in the house (a game town), they jump very high, they need this to maintain good physical shape. A Bengal…


Character, upbrining, habits
Once, when preparing a material on bengals, the correspondent of an animal magazine asked to explain to readers how dangerous it is to take these animals to a family with…