An allergy to Bengal cats: the cause of the appearance and how it manifests itself
Professional felinologists will always tell anyone who wants to get a pet of an exotic, expensive Bengal breed, first you need to make sure that the household is not allergic…

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Breed color characteristic
The most valuable thing for Bengals is their color. The Bengal cat has gold spots with leopard-like spots; silver, similar to snow leopards; snow - white with a gentle pattern…

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Features of allergenicity of representatives of the Bengal breed
Despite the established fact that the animal’s hair itself is not perceived with hostility by an allergic person, it is she who transfers the Fel D1 protein. The hairs of…

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Weight and size standards for adult Bengal cats and cats

Domestic bengals in adulthood have an impressive size: males of the breed can reach 8 kg, and females – 6 kg. The height of a large animal at the withers is 40 cm, and the total body length with a tail is approximately 90 cm. The elongated body with amazing flexibility makes the representatives of the Bengal breed graceful, which is one of the differences from other purebred feline pets.

Naturally, females differ in appearance and physical characteristics from males. The difference in weight, and, accordingly, in other parameters, is immediately noticeable. A junior cat who has reached puberty, which is 8-9 months, is almost twice as large as a cat. Paws and tail are more powerful.

Given the goal – the creation of a pet having external and physical data of small animals living in the natural environment, special standards for the breed were developed. Continue reading

About some new color subspecies

Snow color has a wide color range with the base close to white, light gray shades. These bengals are classified as links, mink, sepia. These are not albinos – how often bengals have completely unpainted kittens, while there are no official statistics.

Color Links Bengals

The coal color, which does not yet have its own standard, is interesting in a bright and clearly outlined black pattern. There are practically no blurry spots in the patterns; they stand out distinctly against the pale background of the body.

The color of the melanist is the darkest of all bengals in terms of background color, since the chocolate base darkened to black. This Bengal color is recognized as extremely spectacular, for which Bengal cats of this color are valued expensively. Continue reading

About the health of Bengal cats

With a problem such as frequent pet diseases, owners of bengals usually do not have to deal with. This is a strong cat breed in almost all respects.

However, it is characterized by one weak point in health – a very sensitive gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, to feeding, and especially to the quality of the products, you must be very careful.

In second place, according to statistics, there is a pathology of the heart structure – in the list of ten breeds prone to cardiomyopathy, home mini-leopards took the penultimate line. Most of the pets of the elite Bengal breed, the owners of which took care of timely vaccination, will live quite well allotted to them by nature for 12-17 years.

Bengal Cat Care
An exotic bengal breed is easy to maintain. In addition to infrequent hair combing and bathing procedures, to which representatives of the species are almost always positive, the owner must ensure that: Continue reading

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About the prevention of diseasesin Bengal cats
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