The Bengal cat breed is becoming increasingly popular. This means that sellers of kittens are becoming more and more, and you can already get a pet on the Internet without…

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The Origin of Bengal Cats: A Complicated History of Domestic Mini Leopards
Its name, as well as genes, the modern elite breed of Bengal domestic cats is obliged to the wild leopard Asian cat Prionailurus (Felis) bengalensis from the subfamily of small…

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Breed formation
Since 1980, the University of California has conducted a study of immunity and susceptibility to leukemia in wild cats. Subjects in particular were Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). Jane Mill (surname…

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What is desirable to add to the menu

Even if the cat doesn’t eat straight, it’s useful to give the Bengal cat raw chicken white cartilage from chicken breasts, separating them from the bones. Entirely pre-frozen daily chickens can be offered. It is highly advisable to introduce cooked chicken necks as an additive. The recipe is simple:

– free from skin;

– scroll with a meat grinder (grind to a pasty state);

– Freeze minced paste obtained portionwise.

Such an additive is useful to everyone, but is especially necessary for growing Bengalis, that is, young animals up to two years old.

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An allergy to Bengal cats: the cause of the appearance and how it manifests itself

Professional felinologists will always tell anyone who wants to get a pet of an exotic, expensive Bengal breed, first you need to make sure that the household is not allergic to animals. All kinds of warm-blooded creatures can cause negative reactions – Bengalis are no exception. All breeds of cats, even hairless, are potentially allergenic, that is, there is no question of such a thing as a hypoallergenic cat. But the degree of danger, that is, the quantity and quality ratio of stimuli emanating from different species, varies. And here the Bengalis really have some advantages, although the answer to the question whether there is an allergy to Bengal cats is always in the affirmative.

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Breed color characteristic

The most valuable thing for Bengals is their color. The Bengal cat has gold spots with leopard-like spots; silver, similar to snow leopards; snow – white with a gentle pattern of frost, they are beautiful so that they are breathtaking. True, from time to time their wondrous drawings disappear – during molting: once their wild ancestors had a need for camouflage changes – here, too, bengals may lose their image in order to return in two weeks in all their splendor. Therefore, in this period they are very similar to ordinary yard kittens and it is during this period that it is very easy to fall for deceivers.

Bengal cat is a leader in cat shows

One of the ways to make sure the breed is true is to attend cat shows, as the best representatives of all breeds are represented on them.

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Raising Bengal kittens
It will be right if the upbringing begins on the first day of the stay of the Bengal kitten in his new home. Usually this is a baby at the…


Knit or sterilize?
Not all purebred Bengal cats and cats are suitable for further breeding. And we are not even talking about obvious defects in the exterior or problematic nature. In order not…


Basic information on fertilization features leading to problems
As established by veterinary medicine, the stage of the reproductive cycle of a cat (estrus) occurs in a special way. The time of ovulation, that is, the exit of an…


Bengal cat
A Bengal cat looks like a traditional ordinary cat just as tigers, panthers and jaguars look like. It’s just that a quiet house pussy and, say, a leopard have a…