WCF Bengal Standard
GENERAL FEATURE Domestic cat, which has the characteristic appearance of small forest cats, but with a delicate, balanced character of domestic cats. By physique, bengals look like wild. Medium to…

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Bengal cat breeding: how to get healthy offspring
If the owner of a Bengal cat is not a professional breeder, but plans to have offspring from his cat, it is worth collecting information about the mating in advance.…

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Breed formation
Since 1980, the University of California has conducted a study of immunity and susceptibility to leukemia in wild cats. Subjects in particular were Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). Jane Mill (surname…

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Basic information on the prevention of allergies in Bengal cats in humans

If the human body reacted too coexistently to coexistence in the same space with the animal, then there is only one effective way to get rid of any manifestations of allergies forever. It is necessary to consult an allergist, undergo examination, and according to its results take ASIT – specific immunotherapy. The course consists of injections (this is the shortest description), eliminating troubles after talking with all animals in general, including Bengal cats.

Enhanced hygiene
In a house where a Bengal cat already lives, giving any of the household allergic reactions to it, it is necessary to take the following preventive measures as a rule:

– wash the cat with a special shampoo to prevent allergies in the owners;

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About the health of Bengal cats

With a problem such as frequent pet diseases, owners of bengals usually do not have to deal with. This is a strong cat breed in almost all respects.

However, it is characterized by one weak point in health – a very sensitive gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, to feeding, and especially to the quality of the products, you must be very careful.

In second place, according to statistics, there is a pathology of the heart structure – in the list of ten breeds prone to cardiomyopathy, home mini-leopards took the penultimate line. Most of the pets of the elite Bengal breed, the owners of which took care of timely vaccination, will live quite well allotted to them by nature for 12-17 years.

Bengal Cat Care
An exotic bengal breed is easy to maintain. In addition to infrequent hair combing and bathing procedures, to which representatives of the species are almost always positive, the owner must ensure that: Continue reading

Colors, tabby, hair quality of Bengal cats

Details of all the different colors of bengal wool can be found in special texts, and here is a list of officially recognized in two categories of the pattern – spotted / rosette (Spotted / rosets) and marble (Marbled “marble”):

– brown with all shades and the desired presence of rufisms (rust, redness) – Brown Tabby (brown tabby); in the World Cat Federation (WCF) system, it is the main one, its code is ben n24 (ben n24);

– silver with a distinctive pattern makes up the division Black Silver Tabby, Silver Lynx Point / Marble, Silver Sepia Spotted / Marble, Silver Mink Spotted / Marble;

– blue, recently recognized only by some federations, – Blue Bengals Tabby.

While magnificent, like panthers, black bengals of the melanistic subspecies, several varieties of snow Bengal cats, as well as the recently bred subspecies with long silky hair, remain unrecognized. Continue reading

Affectionate and gentle beast
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Raising Bengal kittens
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The Origin of Bengal Cats: A Complicated History of Domestic Mini Leopards
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Other diseases reported in Bengal cats most often
The list of other ailments recorded in bengals is small, but recently it has been noted that they do not happen so rarely, almost on a par with problems of…